The Treacherous Road to Hana~



I returned home from Maui just a few days ago; Greg and I had such a good time. Getting away and being in vacation mode can give couples a chance to play, to reignite friendships, and to remember how good it is to just be together.

Our friends on the island encouraged us to take a back road to Hana where we would come to a State Park and would find an incredible hike leading to a magnificent waterfall. “How are the roads?” we asked. They smiled and said “not that bad.”

Greg and I embarked on our journey to the high country passing through a couple cute towns, trees blossoming all around us, and we even found a little coffee shop for some incredible coffee cake! Then we continued to drive…….and drive…..and drive.

Halfway into our journey the houses disappeared, the roads became one lane only, and we found ourselves on high drop off cliffs; if another vehicle had come in the other direction there would not be anywhere to go.

As we continued along the one lane road became a dirt road and tighter than even before; this was a risky adventure. Greg and I laughed ( and prayed) as we wound up and down this ever changing terrain. Had I known how insane this road was I probably would have said ‘No” to going! However, after we experienced the amazing hike and wound our way all the way back to Kehei we both felt like we had such a scary, fun, crazy day!!

I’ve had the joy of spending time in this season of my life leading couples through a robust pre marriage assessment. One of the main points that comes through in the assessment is that in order to stay close, intimate, and connected couples need to regularly experience shoulder to shoulder adventures and activities; it makes a world of difference. Without these connections the relationship can feel stale and more like a partnership than a friendship!

Are you a married couple? Do you look for adventure opportunities together or has the relationship lost it’s zip? Though I’m not sure I’d recommend you the back road to Hana, find away to experience life together. Go have some crazy fun!!

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