No Harm on Our Watch~



Last week Greg and I had the responsibility and joy of keeping our two grandchildren in our home for 8 days (ages 5 and 2) while their mother and father took a well-deserved vacation on the island of Maui.

Prior to having the children come I spent countless hours preparing for our week together; fun crafts, food that children like, and ways to help them sleep through the night. (the sleep through the night part was mostly for Greg and I !! )

Once the children had been dropped off and their folks were on their way I felt the weight of making sure these precious gems were not hurt on our watch. Whether climbing the structures at the park, driving them to fun activities, or walking along the sidewalk; I felt the deep responsibility to be mindful of where they were at all times, to be certain they weren’t in harms way.

Midway through the week we had only had a couple of bumped heads and lips but nothing that required any doctor’s care; Greg and I were so relieved. Nevertheless we were also a little tired because we were mindful at all times that it was our responsibility to be sure they were safe; we were their protectors.

It was during this time when the Lord spoke to my heart and helped me to see at real truth. He let me see that the love and concern that we were pouring into these two little ones was very similar to the way He watches over me, over us. Psalm 121:5-8 says it this way:

The Lord watches over you.
    The Lord is like a shade tree at your right hand.
The sun won’t harm you during the day.
    The moon won’t harm you during the night.

The Lord will keep you from every kind of harm.
    He will watch over your life.
The Lord will watch over your life no matter where you go,
  Both now and forever.

Well, we made it through all 8 days without a crisis and had an incredibly fun week with our grandchildren yet I was also grateful for being reminded that our own Heavenly Father is mindful and watchful over us each and every day; I take great comfort in that!                                                       You should too.

2 thoughts on “No Harm on Our Watch~

  1. So true.. i just had my two youngest and it is so true from the meeting up on the pass to driving back .. stopping at the park before bed and getting a routine that works for them and me.. bed time is most important to eating right.. i always feel the same way when they leave.. and now it is very quiet at my house…thanks for sharing the verse..

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