Today I was just sad~



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Today I was just sad. I think everything caught up with my heart and I hit a sadness I had not yet felt till today. I am a hugger, a connecter, a people person; that is how I’ve always lived my life. When I read or hear about so many precious people suffering, losing loved ones, and dealing with isolation depression I want to fix the situation for them and I cannot.

I had some sweet phone calls today with precious people offering help if it was needed and I was simply brought to tears by their goodness; by their generosity. This is a season where there is a great deal of kindness being shown and it’s both inspiring and humbling.

We don’t know when this will end and we don’t know how this will end but I believe our faith and resilience will bring us all through to a new place……I doubt we will take as much for granted as we may have before.

When I have to walk through a grocery store it is evident that people are anxious around one another, barely getting eye contact. This is so strange to see one another as a threat instead of seeing one another as family and friends. I pray this stigma does not remain once this is over.

People are scared. People are worried. People are isolated. I am digging deep to try and figure out how I can creatively reach out and be an encouragement. The world has changed but if each of us look for ways to love on and care for those whom we love or those who are suffering we will help make this world a better place and hopefully lift the sadness many are feeling; like me today.

I don’t have any brilliant answers –just wanted to be real.

One thought on “Today I was just sad~

  1. I love your honesty, your way with words, and your ability to name what so many of us are feeling….and because of that, you actually were able to help! I love YOU my friend! Thanks for being “real!”

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