The Need to Fit in~


Watsonville High School Wildcat

I grew up in a farming community. I grew up on a 54-acre apple ranch, and you need to know that all our apples went to Martinelli’s Apple Cider so we were a great help to the start of this non- alcoholic celebration drink! I grew up 20 minutes from town and all those around us had property they had to take care of too. I didn’t grow up  “in town”!

I went to a sweet rural Elementary School called Salcipuedes, which sadly means “get out if you can”!! Our little school went from Kindergarten to 8th grade so we students knew one another from the time we lost teeth to the time we had our first crush.

When we reached Jr. High we moved to the campus just across the field; we felt so grown up!! We had a track behind our classrooms where we would walk and talk together at lunch breaks and recesses. If you were really lucky you would get to wear the jacket of your “boyfriend” so that everyone knew someone had chosen you! I remember wearing Danny Byrd’s jacket, a corduroy jacket brown in color….It wasn’t even cold but it was an innocent badge of honor.

Our school was a small pond compared to the other Jr. High’s in the area. We were hicks in comparison to the kids we considered so cool and we were a much smaller group of students than the other Jr. Highs in town.

When I became a Freshman at Watsonville High School; especially coming from a tiny pond to this big ocean; I felt lost. I didn’t know where I fit. All my fellow students were placed in many other classes; most days I never saw my “elementary school family”. I wasn’t sure where I could fit in.

My High school experience was a mix of getting to know wonderful people and making really poor choices to try to fit in with those I perceived as being “cool”, to be honest……I lost myself in the process of trying to be “cool” too.  I was  just a simple girl from a family of 8 with a strong religious upbringing, surrounded by love and apple trees!

During this time of “pause” in our would it might be good to take inventory of your life and choices.  Have you, like me, tried to fit into situations and friendship groups that in all reality don’t fit in with who you are and who you want to be??

I believe that we can, if needed, restart some of our behavior; even friendship groups to help us be our BEST selves in the days ahead. This is our time to re-think and take back some ground we may have given away. Be who your heart says you are and shake off trying to be who others want you to be! THIS is a perfect time for a re-start!

Who do you really want to be going forward?  Where might a few compromises have led you down a path that feels like the  wrong direction?  THIS is your re-start! use it well!  YOU are worth it!! 🙂

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