Hawk Nelson~

Jonathan Steingard~

He no longer believes in God!  ( Hawk Nelson)

I read the article about Jonathan Steingard this week and simply pondered the implications.  A man full of passion, talent, and conviction now rejects everything he held dear for year and years.

I was raised in the Assembly of God denomination from the time I was 6 years old; certainly I was indoctrinated more that I could have ever known! No dancing, no alcohol, no make-up, etc!!

I understand how it feels to be dissatisfied with what you see inside the church!  I became a pastor’s wife at 26; life behind the veil was so ugly and hurtful!


Though people hurt me, disappointed me and disillusioned me…..God did not!  God carried me in these times, God provided crazy finances during such dire times, God met me in so many personal ways that I would challenge Jonathan Steingard to look through his life and recognize the Ribbon of Grace that has been present for so, so long.

Faith isn’t simple—it tests us; yet the harder test is seeing people hurting others….it can effect our faith!  People can turn us off to being Christ followers because they are as imperfect as us—ugh!!

Dear Jonathan ~I understand your challenge but…..is it your disappointment with people, or have you never seen God show up for you in a personal way?

At 61- I have seen God show up in my life in incredible ways; healings, finances, opportunities, and so much more.  Oh sweet Jonathan, I think you are disappointed by people and I understand that. But, God is real, God is good, and His shoulders are big enough for your disappointments. I am praying for you.

3 thoughts on “Hawk Nelson~

  1. I can’t imagine the world that we live in, not believing in God. My faith anchor is always cast to the heights of heaven. I will be praying for him and I appreciate your wise words, my friend.

  2. I love you and your authenticity! I pray that Hawk Nelson will be brave enough to dig deep and investigate his past and find the root of his disappointment. God is so much bigger than how we view the world and our circumstances, and if we let Him, he will show us that He has been with us all along! Hawk’s story is not over and he has a “happily ever after” to share. The “hound of Heaven” will not let him go! Love you!

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