5 Truths about Life~

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This has surely been a season of learning, hasn’t it?  So many of our lives and the way we have lived our lives has been turned upside down.  Nevertheless there are some life truths that remain the same no matter what season of life we find ourselves in!

There is no mistakes, only lessons to learn.

The challenges we face are an incredible opportunity to find our grit, to stretch and to grow IF we allow them to! An incredible part of this learning is that we can then, in turn, support others when they face similar challenges.

Life is a journey, not necessarily a destination.

Our lives are full of seasons and assignments.  Our lives are full of experiences, relationships, memory making, as well as challenges.  If we live our whole life to finally make a million dollars we will ultimately miss out on all the journey has to offer if we are blinded only by the goal.

If you don’t believe in YOU, it will be hard for others to.

If you don’t see good in yourself, if you constantly talk about your flaws it may become all others can see in you. And it is true that if we don’t believe in ourselves we will make choices and act on our negative self-focus.  Work on loving yourself, believing in yourself, and choosing to focus on the talents and gifts you bring to the world. If you believe, others will too!

There is a big difference between loneliness and solitude.

During this pandemic I have learned something new about myself.  I actually like being alone and I’ve had a great opportunity to test that out.  My life has always been lived in a very social way and yet this time of solitude has been good for me.  Being lonely is a different experience because it speaks of the absence of people who care and who love you~just feeling alone. Loneliness is painful, solitude can be life-giving.

The world is full of voices but not necessarily inspiration.

This unique season in our culture has created an opportunity for there to be many, many voices.  There’s opinions, rants, education, politics, news, and medical updates but there’s not a great deal of inspiration.  I am always moved when I read an article or see a post where people are doing good, where senior couples are still crazy about each other, and when children show love to everyone regardless of the color of their skin! We need more inspiration…always.

Everyone deserves a fresh start.

Our lives are always in process.  Sometimes people find themselves making wrong choices, causing harm, or breaking the law.  It would be easy to decide that there is just no hope.  But there’s always hope and the story of a persons life is not over until it’s truly over.  God is so good at giving second chances and so should we.

4 thoughts on “5 Truths about Life~

  1. Amen, Dianna! God truly is so gracious with second chances, third chances, etc. Thank you for this beautiful post! 🙂

  2. Dianna,
    What a beautiful and thoughtful reminder of how to stay positive and hopeful durIng these challenging times. It certainly isn’t easy and seems to bring out the worry and uncertainty in my heart about humanity and the world that my kids and grandkids will be living in. I have learned to appreciate the alone time…lots of walks by the beach with masks, reading lots of books and even jigsaw puzzles!
    Thank you for your wisdom!

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