You will find what you focus on!

A couple of years ago, after a 4th of July head-on collision I decided that my small car would not be enough to make me feel safe anymore; I needed something bigger!  I went into the Toyota lot and saw a brand new 4 Runner; still in plastic wrap without even one mile on it and I said “ I’ll take it”.

Heading home I felt like I was so lucky because I hadn’t seen very many royal blue 4 runners around!  Once I bought it I saw them EVERYWHERE!!  Because I was focused on mine I saw a car just like mine almost every day!!

I had dinner with a sweet friend tonight and she used the example that we find what we are focused on; what we are looking for and I heartily agreed! What we focus on we find!

Why does this matter? Well, because in this interesting season in history there is pain and there is joy, there are disappointing people and there and amazing heroes, there is hope or there is hopelessness, there are opportunities to dream again and there are ways to get stuck……we will find what we focus on!

What are you looking for in this season?  What are your eyes focused on?  Are you downcast? If so you will find reason to be so.  Are you hopefilled? If you are you will find opportunities to walk out hope!

What we focus on we will see more than ever before!!

Can I be honest?  The past 6 months have had some of the sweetest moments and some of the most challenging times of hopelessness; of sadness.  I am learning to look for what/who is inspiring, live in hope, and begin to dream again.

In our collective sadness let’s try to focus on what is good, what is lovely, and what is hopefilled…..and then let’s pass it on to everyone we meet!! Want to join me???

2 thoughts on “You will find what you focus on!

  1. Thank you Beautiful Dianna I landed in Llano so close to my family during this time. Both my girls, all my grandchildren were here for my arrival on March 13 (Friday), as we listened to the COVID shelter in place unfold. Four days later my business closes. I feel thankful to God for his blessings of being close to my family.

    I was blessed to have my business receive enough funds to re-open. But I started losing my heart for my team as some decided to not come back, unemployment pays more. Some left for other ventures. All the while I have been gifted another SBA loan. But my heart is gone for my Oregon community, item to place my focus on my new home town.

    God has blessed me with his guidance, but as we know all to well we need to press into him when we have nothing left.

    So I have had 2 offers to walk away from my business., with debt…But God will help me through this.

    Pray for my courageousness to bring hope to this situation all parties involved for that is God’s plan.

    I refocus my lense on his plan her and it is big. My grandchildren even accept my dear husband as their grandfather on a family tree for a class room project. My treasure is my family, God empowers me with his strength, health every morning and evening.

    Thank you for always being an encourager, which I can pass on.

    Julie Ireland 541-350-2072 Cell

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