Kindergarten taught me all I need to know~

Kindergarten! Remember your first years of school? I do! We had cool desks, recess was fun, I loved it when my teacher read books, and when we had a tiny rest time after lunch we were awakened by a Princess wand–It was magical to me.

Kindergarten is where we all learned some of the basics of life: Share everything, Play fair, Don’t hit people, Don’t take things that aren’t yours, Say sorry when you hurt someone, don’t say naughty words, Flush the toilet, and taking an afternoon nap is really, really good!

This week I was upstairs in my home and I heard people being calling names, saying “shut up” and “You are stupid” from my living room. I was so shocked I ran into my living room to handle the situation and realized that these behaviors and words were coming from two men who want to be the leader of our great nation. My heart sunk as I realized how far we’ve slid in our rhetoric and interaction at the top leadership of our nation!!

I would never have allowed a 7 year old watch two men act in a way that in their young lives would cause them to be disciplined AND I would not have wanted them to think for a minute that this is the BEST America has to offer!!

It doesn’t matter where I ,or you stand politically I am grieved by how we represent ourselves on the world stage. America is better than this, America is full of incredible people who learned very early on how to be a considerate , respectful human beings.

Normally when I write I want to give one or two action steps to move toward greater growth; for me it is to NEVER be contentious in my personal life and to never set an example for my kids and grandkids that would look like these candidates in any way.

By the way, one of the last things that kindergarten taught us was that warm cookies and milk are really, really good! I agree, especially chocolate chip!

3 thoughts on “Kindergarten taught me all I need to know~

  1. Dianna, You are was really, really disappointing! Dad

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10 yes! It was truly disappointing ☹️

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