A fresh look this Thanksgiving~

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This Thanksgiving feels different this year; don’t get me wrong as I am still incredibly grateful for my faith, family and friends.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely smitten with my grandchildren, so my heart is very full.

What feels different this year is the experience of a Covid/Election year; It has filtered the way I now see life.  As I sit and ponder the past year I realize that I have learned a great deal about myself as I have weathered all the collective challenges that 2020 has brought into my life.

I am choosing to be grateful for all that I have learned and continue to learn as I look with hope into the coming year.  I wanted to share some of the tidbits I’ve learned in this interesting season:

I don’t mind being home.

I had a lot of closets that needed to be cleaned out.

Cooking new recipes can be fun.

Not hugging people hurts my heart.

I’m not a zoom person. I can do it but I love to be present with people.

I am fortunate to live in a place of wide open spaces; being outside fills my soul.

Hallmark entertains me which could make me a cheesy person.

A steady diet of the news causes depression. Time alone with God brings hope.

I am more creative than I thought I was; there are lots of ways to accomplish a goal.

I can remain in a vibrant relationship with God even if my church is closed.

Instacart is good.

Having a dance party with yourself is not a bad idea.

It is possible to smile with my eyes.

That it’s easy for me to feel hopeless when a hard season shows no ending date.

I have a greater appreciation for many, many opportunities and options I once easily had.

I miss traveling.

Wearing a mask makes my nose run and I am afraid to sneeze as someone may think I’m sick.

Adult color books are a good thing.

Extra time with my family is a blessing.

Politics are volatile and I need to focus on changes I CAN inspire.

Yoga pants can complete an outfit.

Most of all, I’ve learned, like so many of you, that I am more resilient than I thought I was.  The challenges have pulled me closer to things that matter the most, balanced my busyness, and caused me to be grateful for each day. I choose to be grateful for it all.

Have a meaningful Thanksgiving as you ponder all that means the most to you this year.

2 thoughts on “A fresh look this Thanksgiving~

  1. Oh my gosh! I very nearly could have written this list only my mask makes me cough and I can’t handle Hallmark movies. Although, I read something this week that suggested Hallmark movies are good for us because they provide an escape from overthinking and guarantee a much needed happy ending. So wave your cheesy flag proudly – it’s good for your mental health!

    I also really miss the freedom of going places without planning the expedition like I’m headed into battle armed with my sanitizer, masks and memorized floor plan of every store. lol.

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