I always wanted 2 things~

There are two things I always wanted as a kid (well, other than marrying David Cassidy or Davy Jones) was to be skinny and to be a great singer.  To me, anyone I admired was both of these.  Unfortunately, I was born as a tall girl with skinny legs and wider hips.  I also have a lower voice which works really well for creating harmony to other great singers, but I was never going to win any awards.

This may sound a bit shallow but as a middle child in a family of 6 girls I just wanted to stand out. I wanted my identity to be connected with my two “wants”.  I had so many friends in elementary school and even High school who wore between a size 6-8….I wore a size 10 and in a beach community where a bathing suit was a regular clothing requirement; I really struggled. 

I remember starving myself, drinking vinegar, or making myself sick simply to reach the goal of being a skinny girl.  I look back at that now and it makes me sad.

Now, I am a Mimi to some incredible world changers and I would never want them to be fixated on goals that clearly don’t represent their value at all!! I want them to clearly know that they are special, amazing, and full of promise.

Recently I have been taking my grandchildren through a gratitude Journal and as I ask them key questions the little girl in me is taking notes……I wish I would have been more comfortable with the person that I was and even more appreciative of the healthy, strong  body I’d been given!

In this journal there are good questions that have led me into nostalgic and meaningful thinking:

  1.  What do you appreciate about yourself?
  2. What’s your favorite feature?
  3. Where do you exel?
  4. What do you want to thank your body for?
  5. What do you think others love about you?


As I ask myself these questions – ponder them as you assess yourself!  Are you content with who you are?  Do you love you? Can you appreciate the view others have of you??

Sadly, we tend to speak to ourselves with critical comments; I know I sure do.

Maybe this year we can break that chain of criticism and move to love and appreciate how special and unique we are. 

Because – we are amazing and unique and special– Every one of us!!

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