Find a Quiet Place~

A few weeks ago Greg and I took advantage of the many beautiful places within the area that we live. We got up extra early on a Saturday morning to beat the crowd.   As we drove into the “launching area” we were thrilled to only see 3 cars. 

I looked out at the serene view in front of me as the mist lightly lifted off the water; such a peaceful and beautiful sight…..I could feel my heart rush with an emotion I often long for……peace.   After pulling my famous yellow kayak out of the truck, I pushed into the water and began to paddle.   

I saw two mama ducks with 9 babies each and I slowly snuck towards them as to enjoy them and not to cause them fear.  Once I paddled close by I just sat still……very still.   I felt such needed peace. I observed the way the mama loved and protected her littles and God whispered “this is how I love you.” 

As Greg and I meandered further out to a big open area behind beautiful Mt Bachelor we just sat in silence, taking in the beauty surrounding us.  We are both talkers but in this place silence was needed; and we heeded the call.  We felt God whisper; “ I bring you this peace.” 

I was again reminded of the need within us all to “turn off the noise”.  I know I am fortunate to live where others vacation yet I believe for all of us we need to get away, to be quiet, to breathe, to hear God. 

The past two years have been interesting—lots of noise, conflict, and confusing rhetoric.   So many voices. So many opinions.  I beg you…….find your place to breathe…to rest… hear God speak peace to you…to recalibrate.  God has not lost sight of you in all the noise and He wants to bring you peace. 

Sitting here this morning, I am thinking of the many people I love and the challenges many have faced.  Certainly, I don’t have all the answers for your challenges and yet, I know, that in nature, in a quite space He will speak.  He always does.  Find your place and breathe……….. 

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