There was so much they didn’t know!

New Drugs Are Barely An Improvement Over Decades-Old Standbys, Study Finds | HuffPost

What They Didn’t Know~My precious mother miscarried a couple times before I was conceived. At the time there was an experimental ( not tested over time) drug called Diethylstilbestrol (DES) that women were given to help them carry their babies to full term, my mother took that medicine and I am grateful for my life.

Imagine our surprise when, at 12 years of age, we were notified along with thousands of other young girls that there was now an enormous rash of uterine and cervix cancer cases in those “DES Daughters”. “Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was marketed to prevent miscarriage, premature labor and other pregnancy-related complications from 1940 to 1971.

However, this synthetic form of estrogen caused significant birth defects, notably leaving children born to the mother who had taken DES with structural abnormalities in the genital tract and at an increased risk of related cancers.Close to 10 million mothers and daughters were exposed.”I immediately began having twice a year female check ups and lived under the fear of cancer leading me to my getting a full hysterectomy after I was fortunate enough to give birth to my two sons. Many women have not been as fortunate as I am and have suffered terribly with the effects of this untested drug; many, many have died. Look it up yourself.

This is what they didn’t know……..the immediate result seemed miraculous but years later the real challenge of this untested drug showed up in spades.

THIS is what people are concerned about even now when considering how to best care for their own bodies, for their own children, in this challenging time. It’s not a time for anger, hurtful words or accusations towards those who might be making a different choice than you.

To be truthful, down the road we just don’t know what we don’t know. I followed the medical mandates, but others may or may not; it is everyone’s choice and I support whatever anyone feels is right for them!

I’ve lived it. Let’s be kind. Let people walk out their own journey, their own choices.

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