But God…..

I sit taking in the silence around my home; and yet I ache for the bombastic noise around precious people I do not know.  I think about my grandchildren and how much I adore them, how much I would commit for their safety….I then I think about those who feel as I do in other unsafe parts of the world and I ache; I ache.

I always knew peace: I never knew if my father experienced financial challenges…he never said anything about it–I felt safe.   I never knew divorce, death by cancer or sickness with my parents–I felt safe.  I never saw my parents struggle with addictions– I felt safe.  And now I realize I was richly spoiled.

Now I see the world as dangerous and precarious; I have children and grandchildren who own my heart. And I cannot fix the perilous nature of our world.

But God……

Today face-down on the floor I re-gave all those I love to Him in the knowledge of a world gone mad.  He knew they would be children in this season and He will see them through…. I will hide my anxious thoughts, place them firmly on His lap and trust Him to care for all of them when and where I cannot.

I pray Lord give me faith where I am weak; give me hope when I am beaten down; love those I love and keep them close to your heart. In this…I can rest.

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