Pure Sunshine~

Do you know anyone who is pure sunshine?  You know, a person who enters a room and has the power to change the atmosphere for good; you just feel better when they are around? I have a person like that in my life.  I always tease her that I want to be more like her “when I grow up!”

Throughout the many seasons of my life she has impressed me with her joy, faith, kindness, and willingness to forgive.  She is incredibly approachable; making friends with strangers and showing kindness to so many in need. Even as she raised a very large family this incredible woman managed to be mindful of extended family, friends and neighbors.

This past year she experienced Covid and the passing of her husband whom she loved so dearly.  She could have chosen sadness, question the “why”, and even withdraw or become bitter.

She has chosen the complete opposite response.

Three weeks ago I had the joy to spend time with my Aunt Barbara while attending a family gathering.  As we sat together she began to express the thoughts in her heart.  Here are a few profound statements she made that day that have kept me thinking ever since….” Every day gives you a chance to be thankful; even though there are things that concern us we can look for something to be grateful for”, I live every day looking forward to the opportunities to have a good day; I don’t want to waste a day”, “I trust that God is in control and that keeps my heart peaceful even though there are true sadnesses in the world.”

My aunt Barbara is 89 years young; with a laugh that makes everyone around her smile. 

We are surrounded by concerns and it would be easy to fall into sadness, fear, and despair and yet how does that serve us or those we love?  How about we all take the challenge to be more like my Aunt Barbara?  We won’t always hit the mark but let’s be “sunshine” to those around us.


One thought on “Pure Sunshine~

  1. the few times I have been around your Aunt Barbara are unforgettable. Indeed, she does bring sunshine into a room. Also, a beautiful smile.

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