What if ?


Last summer Greg and I had the pleasure of sneaking off to Kauai for a little break before jumping into a very busy Fall. The news prior had been fairly disconcerting as there were headlines expressing that the Hawaiian Islands were an easy target for North Korean Missiles!! Greg and I even shared that we had some reservations about going.

The evening we arrive in the Princeville area we unloaded our groceries and proceeded to make a nice dinner to each on the lanai as the darkness began to settle in.   Fifteen minutes into our meal we say what we thought was a very big and very bright “falling star”. We both remarked how strange it appeared………..Five minutes later there was a quiet but huge explosion in the sky with white sparks flooding the sky right in front of us. Greg and I sat there frozen! Was this our worse fear? What had just happened? I quickly looked up the local news and there was nothing to be found. Had we just seen a missile?

The following morning it was announced that one of our military carriers had accomplished a “practice run” to see how prepared we were for any incoming missile. Whew!

Two weeks ago it was wrongly announced that there was an incoming missile and those on the island needed to find somewhere to go. Panic ensued. For 35 minutes there was no announcement that the alarm was sent out by mistake; for 35 minutes people rushed to connect with loved ones, pray, get inside “safer” buildings, and feel all the anxiety that someone might experience after realizing this could be their last day. Wow!

I only felt a fraction of that anxiety when I watched a missile explode in front of us during dinner; the idea that this could be our last day has definitely spurred on meaningful conversation between Greg and I.

Faced with the possibility that we would not have another day we have looked at the breadth of our lives and have begun making adjustments that we could have regretted missing; people, relationship with God, places we want to see, impact we want to have. As scary as that experience was we have used it as a catalyst for fresh growth and stronger priorities.

What if you had been in Hawaii two weeks ago? (I had 8 friends on the island at the time!!) What if you felt like you had a second chance after it was announced that the alarm was sent out by mistake? What would you regret? What would you change? Would your priorities look a little different? I encourage you not to wait until you are in harms way; make those adjustments this year because truly, none of us know when our last day will come. Live with no regrets!

What’s your “Red Rubber Ball”?



I had a wonderful opportunity to attend an event where an inspiring young man by the name of Kevin Carroll was speaking.  He was funny, challenging, kind, and smart.  I sat there fully engaged to his positive and empowering ideas and stories.  Kevin, as he shares his life story, expresses that he came from a truly rough upbringing that was not full of promise; his parents were both drug addicts and disinterested in who he would grow up to be.

However, at the neighborhood park (where his focus on the red rubber ball began) he had others in the poor neighborhood who would speak life and promise into his young and impressive heart.  He chose to believe it and has become a passionate influence on thousand of lives; young and old. His passion is that we all “find OUR red rubber ball” and thrive!!

“Finding your own ‘red rubber ball’ and chasing it to your heart’s content, he argues, is the surest route to peace, prosperity, and happiness. Over the years as an athletic trainer, creative catalyst for business and public speaker, Kevin has transformed his philosophy into seven simple rules that any successful leader will endorse:

1) Commit to it; 2) Seek out encouragers; 3) Work out your creative muscle; 4) Prepare to shine; 5) Speak up; 6) Expect the unexpected; 7) Maximize the day!!! 

In a knowing voice Kevin also shared a few key elements for moving forward with the dream in your heart:  Have a humble and grateful attitude, surround yourself with people who breathe life into your dreams, find one or two people to become accountable to, people who will spur you on past IDEA to ACTION!

Do you know what your passion is? (Your Red rubber ball?)  If so, have you committed to it? surrounded yourself with collaborators? Sought to be relentlessly creative? Have you verbalized your passion to anyone? Been surprized by the unexpected?

Isn’t it time to discover your inspiration and chase it for a lifetime?  (Kevin Carroll)  Let’s get at it!!