You are “summer” beautiful!

We all have a body image. We all have feelings about the way we look. And we have ideas and feelings about how others think about our looks. Your overall body image can range from very positive to very negative. You may feel good about certain parts of your body or the way you look and not as good about others — that’s totally normal. Body image is also how you feel in your body!
So, summer has arrived! Do not beat yourself up! Do not compare yourself to 20 year olds who are pre-baby!  Appreciate yourself! Love yourself! Value who you are! and if you don’t see a perfect body; honor your heart!! 🙂  Be strong, be as healthy as you can be, be an adventurer! But mostly Love the body you have and celebrate your strength regardless of what the scale may say! YOU are amazing!! 🙂   Never be defined by a perfect body! Be defined by who you are! This is your  Summer message! 🙂