The View From My Handlebars~

     Having downsized from acreage and a large home to a condo in the heart of our town has been both refreshing and interesting.  For years I had been afraid of what a change of this magnitude would have on my life, on my sense of stability.  Having been raised all of my life on a 54 acre apple ranch I grew up having the option to find a private place to read, dream, draw, or hum a song our two; I could get completely alone. This season of my life is teaching me something new.

As I realized how close we would live to virtually “everything” I committed in my heart to walk or ride a bike to shop, meet friends for coffee, hit the Farmers’ Market, deliver gifts, or any necessary outing that I calendared. Finding my cool cruiser bike on Craig’s List for a mere $100 was a valuable find!  I named her Dixie and we’ve been doing life together consistently over the past 2 weeks.

Riding my cruiser has shown me some really cool things:

  • 1.  I am able to be “alone”. While the breeze blows through my hair I pray, sing, and  dream while dodging traffic, baby strollers, dogs and their owners. I feared this experience would be impossible but I have been able to enjoy the flurry around me without letting it steal my privacy!
  • 2.  My day slows down.  When completing errands using my Explorer I tend to dart here and there yet when riding I have to allow these responsibilities to take extra time, I have to be okay with things taking a little longer.
  • 3. My favorite “aha moment” has been realizing how many amazing things I have missed about my town. The view from my handlebars has been amazing. I’ve visited streets with amazing homes & yards I never knew existed, I’ve seen architecture I’d never laid my eyes on, I’ve seen cute backyards prepared for the dearly loved children, I’ve seen intentional crosses on the sides of streets acknowledging that someone loved had died in a car accident, and I’ve seen flowers along busy streets that are beautiful!! I just never slowed down enough to notice!  “Dixie” has afforded me the opportunity to see my life, my town, from a fresh perspective.

This season of my life is unique and I am grateful for it, but I just wonder how many other meaningful things I may have missed over all these years because  I didn’t give myself permission to slow down, to simply notice all the lovely, sad, amazing, and beautiful things that have been right in front of me.

Do you need permission today? Well, permission granted!!!  Take some time to see what life looks like from behind your handlebars.