Ugly Oranges~


 My local grocery story was bought out and within 3 days had been unveiled as a new, more “northwest” store. I actually approve of the changes but when I re-entered the store for the first time after the grand unveiling my eyes were drawn to the front display case with piles of shrivelled up oranges.  These oranges were really ugly; I remember thinking ” what are those things, they do not look appetizing!!”

As I made my way to the store register I overheard a conversation between the Checker and the woman in front of me. ” Checker~ “Wow, you are getting a big bag of Oranges today but have you tried those ugly oranges in the front of the store?”  “No” said the shopper  “those oranges look really awful!”  The Checker replied ” OH!! I will never eat another normal orange again!! Those ugly oranges are the best things I’ve ever tasted!!”  About 4 days later I grabbed a few ….just to see if she was right and OH MY –best oranges ever!!!  I was so surprised!! As ugly as they were their taste was so wonderful!!

As small and silly as this “aha!” moment may seem, my mind and heart heard a profound understanding from the  Sometimes the most priceless people are not the most “attractive”.  We may fall prey to those first impressions about people that cause us to decide within minutes that this person/people aren’t our style; our kind of people.

However, I wonder if we often miss out on experiencing rich relationships and priceless people by deciding that they are merely an “Ugly Orange.”

Scripture says”

“The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7)
The next time you have the opportunity to move beyond your initial reaction, your first impressions; be willing to give individuals a fresh look ~ they just might be the sweetest person you’ll have the privilege to know!  A real hidden treasure! 🙂