Empty Tank?


 Your tank is empty because you drained it.

While driving my car I tend to forget all about my gas tank UNTIL the red light goes on and alerts me to the fact that I am running low on gasoline. I respond according to my personality by waiting a day or two “certain” that I’m not that low and the car can run a little longer.

Unfortunately, so many of us run ourselves that same way with the exception that the  warning that we are “getting low” on fuel may look like exhaustion, challenged relationships, a health crisis,  or even depression.

Just like in my car I am the one responsible to fill up my own gas tank.

Emails, phone calls, to-do lists, and texts force us to continually engage in on-going information 24-7.  When are we done with work?  When will we walk away from all the “screens” in our lives and take a walk or engage in a hobby that re-fuels us? Perhaps today we need to declare out-loud ” I give myself permission to rest.”

As a Coach I often use the example given on the airplane by the stewardess: ” in a crisis place the oxygen mask on yourself before attempting to help anyone else!”  Have you made yourself a priority on your calendar? Do you have weekly practices that keep your “tank” above the EMPTY line? What are the activities that drain your “tank”?  Is there anything you need to stop or start in order to maintain a healthier balance?

Take a moment today consider your energy level.  Is there a RED LIGHT on that you are ignoring?   Remember, you are responsible to manage your own “gas tank” so “Fill’er up!”  🙂


If you had time to yourself…….



My mother is an artist.  If you were to interview her you would hear how she has spent years in her creative atmosphere listening to uplifting music and finding great joy! Her hobby has inspired our entire family!  My mother understands the value of a fantastic, life-giving hobby.


My Niece, Erica, is a fantastic Jr. High teacher.  However, over the years she established quite a following on Etsy making these incredible hand-sewn stuffed animals.  They are amazing. Erica found a hobby that brings her joy, fills her cup, and gives her a good “brain-break”.


A hobby is defined in the dictionary as; “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation “.

What’s your hobby?  What do you do ~outside of work or ministry ~ that fills your cup?  What’s your “go to” activity?  It’s well-known that eating well, good rest, and exercise are important for us to remain healthy physically and mentally; yet we often forget that there is an enormous value in leisure time.  Time spent pursuing a hobby!

Hobbies are actually food for the soul!  They nurture our spirits, renew our minds, and help us catch our breath in the midst of our busy lives.  Studies have even suggested that people who engage in hobbies regularly, especially creative hobbies, actually perform better at work!

If you are a person who thinks that a hobby is only a waste of time, think again! If you are sitting there thinking that you simply don’t have time for a hobby; then you probably really need one. 🙂

Whether you have a creative hobby, an athletic hobby, an outdoor hobby like fishing or gardening, or an academic hobby; you will find that giving yourself permission to take the time will help you to recharge, learn new insights, gain a more balanced perspective, and connect with interesting people with similar hobbies.

I challenge you to keep allowing yourself to engage in your favorite hobby, re-engage in a hobby you’ve laid down, consider a hobby if you’ve never had one, and see if you begin to experience a greater sense of well-being.  I believe you will! 🙂