If today was your last…..


Whenever I lead a Life Plan Event I ask the amazing women in attendance to write their epitaph ~ to think about their life “as if” they had no more days remaining!  This is a very emotional journey. How do I want to be remembered VS. how WILL I actually be remembered?

Women, I have learned, really want to be remembered as being kind, loving, and impacting.  However, I often hear that the tyranny of the urgent can rob them of actually being the person they want to be!!

If you were to write your epitaph, what would it say and how could you fill the gap between how you WANT to be remembered and how you WILL be remembered?

Take a moment of “quiet” and write down your thoughts.  If today was your last day what would/could you change to get closer to the person you truly are?  what would you try?  Who would you reconcile with? Who would you forgive?  Who might you contact? Where might you finally go?

Seize the moment, use your days well and BE the person that leaves a legacy that you desire!  Start today, start fresh!! 🙂

10 Tips To Help You Become An Unhappy Person


We have all met people who are simply unhappy…..all the time.  What I have learned over time is that there are similarities between people who are chronically unhappy.  I would like to give you 10 quick steps to become an unhappy person yourself, read on!

1.  Look for the worst in every situation. Point out what’s not working, what’s not being done correctly, and why these things will never change.

2.  Worry about things you cannot change. Spend sleepless nights worrying about things you didn’t cause and cannot fix.  Worry about climate change and the government. Unhappy people fill their thoughts with what will go wrong rather than what could go right.

3.  Believe that most everyone cannot be trusted. Watch cautiously for people to want something from you.  Believe that everyone in your life is telling lies about you or to you.

4.  Spend enormous amounts of time on Social Media.  Compare your unhappy life with everyone else’s perfect life. Allow yourself to resent the happiness that others are experiencing. Compare everything from your body size to your pocketbook; recognize that life is just not fair.

5.  Refuse to exercise or eat well. Choose a sedentary life and fill your body with foods that make you feel tired and unhealthy.

6.  Fill your conversations with gossip and criticism. Spend the bulk of your time putting others down, making fun, and telling untruths.

7.  Set unrealistic goals and then fail at them all. To be truly unhappy, put undo pressure on yourself to real goals that stretch too far, too fast, and too costly.  Once you have failed at these you can berate yourself for the failure.

8.  Don’t get needed sleep.  Stay up late into the night on your computer and television. Sleep deprivation can be incredibly helpful on your goal to being a truly unhappy person.

9.  Worry about what everyone thinks about you. Fear anyone’s opinion, assume others don’t approve of you, and be certain that all those nameless, faceless people are talking poorly of you.

10.  Choose to do life without faith in an amazing God.  Allow yourself to believe that you were NOT created for a purpose.  Believe the lie that you are on this life journey alone.  Truly unhappy people are people without hope.


Choose Happiness!

Do the opposite of each step!

Life is short~Live and love every day!