Do you have a HOUSE or a HOME?


This week I have enjoyed the unique opportunity to assist my son and precious daughter in law as they get re-settled in CA for a new life there~ a new adventure.  What I have loved the most has been watching them transform a “house” into a “home”!

Nate and Kate are no strangers to setting up house as their short married life has already had numerous moves.


Furniture, bedding, dishes, and blankets are all needed in order to set up house. However,  Pictures and memory-based items make a house a home!


As I have spent this past week alongside these two I have observed the MOST important aspect of what makes a house a home. KINDNESS.
In the midst of boxes, unfamiliar streets, new noises, and the idiosyncrasy’s of a home build in the 1920’s, I have seen these two show incredible kindness to one another.


Whether you live in Bend, OR., Seattle, WA., or Palo Alto, CA~ You can make a house a home IF you are intentional about doing so.

Today–look around your home….does is represent your family with all it’s uniqueness’s?  Is your home full of kindness and care?  I pray that it is and that your house is indeed a HOME!  🙂

Wall of Love!


Aw… The Wall of Love!

There are so many things I love about the Christmas season; Pumpkin Latte’s, Christmas Music, old corny holiday movies on Hallmark, parties, and ugly Christmas Sweaters!!!

But one thing I really really love is my ever growing Wall of Love!

As thoughtful Christmas cards begin to make my mailbox smile I have the joy of looking at pictures of precious people who matter so much to me!!  Other than Facebook, My Wall of Love is the only place where I am free to gather college friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, childhood buddies, and fellow Christ followers!

As I gaze into the faces looking back at me I am reminded of shared meals, girls nights, hard work, late nights studying over cold nasty pizza, Woman’s Teas, ministry years, working in the community, and shared family experiences!  Looking into the eyes of same- age friends standing by their adult ( or almost adult) children and I know they, too, are surprised at how they got here so quickly.

Ultimately~ I am able to look at each picture with care and pray for them throughout the season and for a time I feel a renewed closeness to them all!

Perhaps you pile all your pictures in a basket after happily viewing them! But maybe you too could build a Wall of Love and make those pictures matter EVEN more this year.  May the faces staring back at you remind you that you are loved, remembered, and genuinely wished a wonderful Christmas season!