Are YOU really going to play with me?

Recently I had the fun of visiting my friend in another state.  She is a great mother yet had a new precious little boy only 3 weeks ago. I came to visit in hopes that I could occupy her 3 1/2 and 2 year old for her ~to lend a hand for a few days.

My days at home are filled with many “mature” focuses: Coaching, running a household, handling finances, and building richness into the many family and friend relationships I am privileged to have. So, having a few days to “play” felt truly amazing.

I was fortunate that I had sweet favor with these precious children; they allowed me into their hearts.  We played at the park and in their big basement playroom; I spent many hours on my knees as a dog, being an engine behind a fast moving car, and sitting in tiny chair pretending to be floating in big boat! My goal was to be fully present when I was with them as I knew it would be many months before I would get to play with them again!


The reason I share this with you is that the oldest son said something to me 3 times that gripped my heart, he looked up at me as I heading towards the playroom with him and said ” Are you going to play with me?, my new friend…are you going to play with me?” What struck me was the look of uncertainty in his eyes….he seemed to wonder if I was really planning to “play” with him!

This boy is dearly loved and certainly NOT starved for attention; yet I think he truly wondered if I was going to be ” in the room” with him or if I was going to “play” with him! I had to think, how often am I with people yet not truly engaged?  How often am I physically in the room, yet mentally far, far away?  I wonder if there are those in my life who would look at me in wonderment and ask ” are you going to be fully present with me?”

What about you?  When you are with those you care about in your life are you fully engaged or only in the room with a busy mind? What I learned was that I gained the most by getting down on the floor with those precious children; I returned home with a full heart.

In the days ahead, try to be mindful about how “present” you are with those in your life–really engage–really play!

Now, seriously, who could resist this face?? I couldn’t! 🙂


This past week I have had the fun of hosting play times at my home with a couple groups of precious little girls~ we had such fun. When we dressed up we were “going to a Ball”, when we put food together we were”creating a Banquet“, when we walked to the Coffee Shop we were climbing the “secret stairs that led to our adventure”, and when we drew pictures we were “creating a Masterpiece”.  Simply being around that kind of childlike creativity and excitement left me wondering how much time I spend being much too adult!!

What fun to peer through their eyes where everything is exciting and  feels a little magical!

Do I allow myself to play, to dream, or be spontaneous?  Do I take time away from the mundane to be creative and imaginative?

Do you?

I am reminded that even in scripture there is a reference to the beauty of being childlike.

Matthew 18:3 says  “and said: “Truly I say to you, Unless You turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.”

Yes, of course there is a real place for maturity in our lives yet I wonder if we took time away from the seriousness of life, the tasks of life and just let ourselves take time to play………would we experience increased joy and hope? I imagine that the answer could be yes.

Well, there are many more serious things I could say here but I gotta go take some time to play……..hmmm…..maybe I’ll be a princess…………….. 🙂