The Value of the Box~


On the eve of a quick trip to go to Disneyland in California, my son and daughter in law along with my grand babies stopped by to share a birthday dessert with me.

As they laughed and jested about my upcoming 60th birthday they presented me with “the” box.   A box covered in positive words closed with a latch was placed in front of me. Tears welled up in my eyes even before I lifted the lid; I knew it was something meaningful because my kids always choose a gift for me that is more about heart than finances!

Slowly I lifted the lid and looked down at well over 45 envelopes, some typed and some handwritten, but all instantly precious to me. All I could think about was that so many people had taken time out of their incredibly busy schedule to remember me. So precious.

I spent an entire evening slowly reading through every word, every card, every encouragement. Sitting on a chair on the other side of the living room my sweet husband kept asking, “are you ok?” With tears in my eyes I kept saying “my heart is full to overflowing.”

There is something so precious about the written word. In previous blogs I have discussed the incredible richness of a written card or letter.  In the age of email, instagram, and texting there is a lost art of sharing our hearts via the written word.

I will forever keep these cards, I will forever cherish the words shared with me and I will be forever grateful for the encouraging words written by precious people who stopped to take the time to encourage me. I am, again, humbled by each and every word. This is the value of the box. Friends, thank you for taking the sting out of turning 60! Great years ahead!

The Power of the Written Word, It’s not just a Card~



“Hi Dianna, I hope to see you soon.  I love you. When can we have a sleepover? We are praying for Greg.” Love , Mereyah  ~ her youthful writing was precious and made my day!

Call me crazy! Call me a hoarder! Call me sentimental, but I keep them all.   In my office at home I have a drawer full of precious, precious cards expressing  “Thank you’s” to birthday/holiday greetings, to “Just thinking of you!” and more. Whenever I open the drawer and sift through the sweet meaningful thoughts expressed my heart becomes so full.

Texts and emails can also be sweet, thoughtful, and encouraging yet they lack the emotional punch I feel when I see a note someone has taken the time to write with their own hand! I’m not qualified to explain why that is but I know that it is true.

In this time of fast technology there are so many ways to communicate, to stay connected. Yet I am wondering if the art of written communication is becoming less and less a value in our society – that would be really sad.

Have you ever given someone a carefully chosen gift, a gift that took you a lot of time to decide upon, and you received a heartfelt “thank you” card in return?   Have you ever gone through a rough time only to go to your mailbox to find an unexpected card expressing words of hope and life?  Have you ever succeeded at a task or goal and found a card of congratulations waiting for you on your desk?  Have you ever lost a loved one and received words of care and love in the form of a heartfelt card?  I have experienced all of these and know personally how much they meant to me.

As I sift down deeper in my “card drawer” I find cards that I received years and years ago.  My eyes swell with tears as I recognize the handwriting of my Grandmothers Eva and Nanny.  They are magic to me, they are priceless and fill my soul.  There is power in the written word ~

Is there someone who could use a card from you today? 🙂