The Difficult In~Between.


January is such a huge month for making resolutions for change.  Working at an athletic club I see the building swell with members starting January 1 and then watch a dramatic drop-off about the tail end of February. Why is this?

It is caused by the Difficult In~Between!!

So often we can recognize a need to make changes in our lives, we can imagine the goal accomplished; picture our success.  However, making a lasting change in behavior is rarely a simple process, and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort and emotion. The problem comes when we begin to challenge ourselves to take the needed steps toward the goal.

Whether the goal is weight loss, money management, becoming organized, a stronger marriage, or any other area we may find ourselves needing to grow; we still have to take regular “new” steps to reach our goal.


For greater success in getting through the “Difficult In-Between” here are a few simple tricks:

1. Put your plan in writing. Place it somewhere that you can see it regularly.

2. Start with small do-able steps.  Break your goals down into small “manageable” wins!  As you gain success in the smaller steps you will be encouraged to continue.

3.  Work on one key goal at a time. Many times people run into problems when they try to change too much too fast.  As your new behaviors become a habit, try to add another goal that takes you closer to your overall change.

4.  Grab some accountability! Everything is better with a buddy.  Find a friend, family member, or co-worker to join you on your journey. Having someone with whom you can honestly share your struggles and successes makes the goal less intimidating. 🙂

5.  Celebrate every win!!  Take note of your successes; don’t skip over or minimize the fact that your efforts matter!


Change can be hard~~ but so worth the effort!! 🙂

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” 

~Jim Rohn

Swinging Doors ~



Tom Stoppard

The dictionary meaning of the word DOOR is: a movable structure used to close off an entrance, the means of approach or access, or a revolving barrier in a building or vehicle.

However, in our lives the meaning of a door means so much more.


As a young woman I felt that my life had been fairly consistent. I had lived in one town from age 6-25, same church, same friends.  Other than going away to college my life didn’t seem to be full of “doors” to enter and exit.

I just had a birthday and for me it is always a time of reflection. Looking over years past I can see so many doors that have opened and doors that have closed.  My life has not be simple and consistent, but it has all leading me to where I am today.


The interesting thing about the “doors” in our life is that some open abruptly and some close abruptly.  Sometimes they cause us to knock hard to get them to open, sometimes we have to get out of the way because a door is closing so fast; so hard!

Sometimes the closing of a door causes us sadness and pain; sometimes we are thankful for a closed door as it represents a necessary ending.  I have learned that every door that closes represents and new direction, a new possibility, a new learning experience~Simply a brand new door!!


God closes doors so that you can change direction.  Closed doors in your life are God’s attention-grabbers. Thank God for them even if you don’t always see clearly the new door that’s opening! TRUST that one will!

What doors are opening or what doors are closing in your life?  Can you see the opportunity in your closing door? Can you choose to be brave enough to walk through the new door that’s opening up for you?

Trust God’s heart for you. He knows. He cares.   🙂