Accountable to Whom?


Years ago, wanting to lose a bit of weight, I began attending Weight Watcher meetings which included both inspiring lessons on food preparation and the dreaded Weigh In!!  I would watch women take off almost every item of clothing before standing on the scale; wanting so much to see that the numbers had gone down! Through that program I lost almost 50 lbs.  What I learned through this process was how powerful it was to have weekly accountability for the food choices I had made~ that weekly scale was a powerful point of accountability and it enabled me to be successful.  I will be honest, If there hadn’t been a weigh-in each week with one of the Weight Watcher leaders I probably wouldn’t have lost as much weight as I did.  Accountability can be a very powerful tool in our lives!

There are many areas in our lives where we would all do better with supportive accountability. Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution or a fresh committment to change an area of your life or behaviour only to find that the depth of your committment gradually became less and less; possible even abandoning the challenge all together!  What might those situations have looked like with a trusted accountability partner?  I imagine, for all of us, we would have experienced significantly more successes.

So how might we FIND an Accountability Partner?

1.  Determine what you need.  What are the things you need help to accomplish?  What goals have laid dormant for way too long?   What things tend to entangle you? Poor finances, lust, overeating, overworking, etc.?

2.  Select a trustworthy, emotionally mature individual who has enough courage to tell you the truth and ask the tough questions.  Choose someone whose life you respect and steer away from choosing someone who struggles with your same challenges.

3.  Meet on a regular basis setting measurable goals (weekly or bi-weekly tend to be the most fruitful times).  Be forthcoming and honest making sure the time spent together is valuable for you both.  Be sure to celebrate victories together as you meet goals and gain fresh victory in key challenges.

Maybe it’s time? 🙂


Why I Run.

Why I Run.

I wish I could say I run because I LOVE it!  I wish I could say I wake up in the morning dreaming about the pavement under my feet and the wind in my hair, but I don’t.

My journey into running began over 2 years ago with an Invitation to join Weight Watchers. I was turning 50 and had carried my “baby-weight” even though my two sons were now college students.  As a Life Coach I often felt challenged that I had not firmly addressed this issue intentionally, yet spent much of my time supporting others in their transition to better health.

With regular participation in Weight Watchers program and the constant support of my sister; we watched the weight begin to melt away.  However, the most important change was the challenge to “get moving”.  I started small getting the right shoes & shorts and taking a very brisk walk every day, then I ran 1/4 mile ending up out of breath.

The day I was able to run 2 miles without stopping to breathe for the first time I literally cried because I HAD DONE IT!

The day I was able to run 5 miles without stopping  to breathe for the first time I cried again! Happy tears.

Why I Run?  Because I can! Because I am not to old! Because I am able! I run because it reminds me that I pressed through, that I didn’t believe the lie that I couldn’t run because I hadn’t run.

Today I run between 2-5 miles every other day. I have not re-gained the 50 lbs I lost because I run. I keep my running clothes out as a reminder to remained disciplined yet I still have to decide every day to put them on!

What about you? What activity, challenge, or dream have you held at bay because you believe the lie that you can’t make the needed changes to succeed? Set a fresh challenge before you TODAY, take baby steps and celebrate every small win as you move toward the goal!! Believe that you can and plan to succeed!

Uh-oh gotta go, just had a sun break in this rainy weather! Gotta Run!! 🙂